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Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria by installing the Kastel hands-free door handles at your business.

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How to prevent microbes from spreading?

In the times of the coronavirus pandemics, a direct cause of the COVID-19 disease, proper care for hygiene and safety is top priority for everyone. This care should be top-down in every aspect of life, and not just limited to washing and disinfection of hands, but the surfaces people touch every day. Door handles are among the surfaces most often touched every day. Some locations of their installation are extremely exposed to the attack and growth of dangerous microbes: public rest rooms, buildings of public administration, shops, and schools.

We provide a solution to the need for containment of spreading of pathogenic microbes. It is why we developed hands-free door handle operators. With them installed, the doors can be opened by applying a forearm to the handle. This contact helps prevent migration of microbes to the hands, a vector which can be extremely hazardous to those who use the door and other people they interact with.

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High risk areas

The areas in which door handles are highly exposed to attack and growth of viruses and bacteria include:

Workplace and public rest rooms
Workplace and public rest rooms
Workplace staff rooms
Workplace staff rooms
Local official administration buildings
Local official administration buildings
Post offices
Post offices
Medical offices
Medical offices
Grocery and chemist’s stores
Grocery and chemist’s stores

Kastel universal hands-free door handle operator

An undisputed advantage of our hands-free operator system is the thorough, well-fleshed design. This helps adapt the hands-free operator to every commercially available door pull and handle type. The available colour versions of the product helps choose the one in harmony with the customer’s preferences for the prevailing ambiance. The neutral light grey option will be perfect for public facilities, like official administration buildings, schools, and common staircases in apartment buildings. The hands-free operators are available in options perfect for single-family housing. Each hands-free operator from Kastel can be customized with any labelling, including business logos, to fit the project even better.

The plastic material from which the hands-free operators are made is important. The hands-free operators are made by injection moulding. The material is glass fibre reinforced (GFR) polyamide. Polyamide is a processing plastic with superior mechanical strength.

Easy and intuitive installation

The hands-free operator is designed to be extremely easily adapted to every door handle type. The hands-free operators can be easily installed on external door pulls in various shapes and sizes, up to 34 mm of diameter. The carefully engineered GFR polyamide provides superior durability and secure installation without any play. The clamping bracket with its purpose-designed form and the profile of the hands-free operator can be attached to round and square door handles alike.

Each product kit includes a complete hands-free operator, an Allen key, and a set of precisely selected bolts which vary in length and help adapt the installation to the door handle configuration. The hands-free operator is easy to keep clean thanks to smooth, gap and void-free surfaces for the harmful germs to dwell and thrive on. The highly ergonomic shape of the hands-free operator support improves the convenience of opening the door by letting the user easily apply the forearm to the door handle or pull.

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Why choose the Kastel system?


We care for the safety of our personnel and customers: Kastel uses its hands-free operators to minimise the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses.


The polyamide structure of the hands-free operators is very robust. They will keep performing well even with very frequent operating cycles.

Good practice

Our employees understand the threat of infection with the coronavirus and other microbes. It is why they practice good habits to protect their health.

Optimum disinfection

The streamlined form and smooth surface of the hands-free operators help minimise the risk of accumulation and dwelling of microbes on the products.

Cost efficiency

Thanks to the applied materials, the hands-free operator will last many years and make for a very reasonable investment in safety.

Trust from customers

Kastel builds a positive image of a strong commercial brand which offers an innovative product of first-class quality.

Frequently asked questions

Is the material of the hands-free operator strong enough for the application?

It is. The hands-free operator is made of polyamide, one of the strongest plastics commonly used in machine building. It also has a high resistance to chemicals. It is very important and beneficial given the formulation of sanitizing chemicals.

Why is the hands-free operator made of plastic?

According to scientific evidence, viruses stay viable for much longer on metal substrates than on plastic ones.
The strength and injection moulding fabrication process of the hands-free operators provide the final product with a strength close to that of aluminium alloys.
An important selection criterion for the hands-free operator material was the weight of the product. If made of a metal, the hands-free operator would be heavier and if installed on a door handle with a weak or worn spring mechanism, it could pose a risk of inadvertent unlatching and opening of the door. A lighter material, like polyamide, eliminates the risk.

Will the users know how to operate the product correctly?

The hands-free operator is intuitive in use. However, each hands-free operator is delivered with a ‘How-To’ notice sticker which illustrates the instruction for use of the hands-free operator. The notice sticker is to be applied on the door surface right above the door handle fitted with the hands-free operator.

Will the hands-free operator fit door handles in different shapes?

It will. The hands-free operator features a unique, patent-protected design engineered to enable installation on virtually any door handle. The universal fit is possible with the shape of the hands-free operator and its multi-profile clamping bracket. It can be adjusted to one of four positions for an easy installation on round or square door handles. Choosing the correct length of the bolts included with the product enables installation on thick handles and pulls of exterior doors, which see the most frequent use in buildings.

Is the hands-free operator difficult to install?

The hands-free operator is very easy to install. With the very clear installation instructions, the Allen key and the bolts with the correct length as included with the product, anyone can easily fit the operator to a door handle or pull.